In response to ISPA’s question:21percent of teenagers are unsupervised online
In response to ISPA’s question:21percent  of teenagers are unsupervised online
4/17/2017 9:11:43 PM

In response to ISPA’s question; 21% of teenagers are unsupervised online

ISPA Public relations: Iranian students’ polling agency in a national survey in February 2016 polled people’s opinion on social networks. In this phone survey conducted with a sample of 1500 people, 72% of respondents lived in urban and 28% in rural areas, and 50% male. The average age of respondents is 38 years old. 61% of the sample graduated high school and below, and 39% had an academic education; 69% married, 27.5% single and 3.5% have been divorced or widowed

As part of this survey families with teenagers between ages of 10 to 17 have been asked if they use online social networks. 55% answered positive. Answering the devices used to reach these networks (with multiple choices) 40% said their teenager used cellphone to use social networks, 6% with their parents’ cellphone and about 13% using computer, laptops and tablets


Next question was about parental control over use of internet 21% of respondents claimed no supervision over the teen using social networks. 11% said to try to control the amount of the time online, and 11% claimed to control the content used, finally 56% claimed to control both time and content 

About ISPA
The Iranian Students Polling Agency (ISPA), affiliated to the Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR), started its activities in 2001 with the aim of meeting the needs of policy-making organizations and institutions and in line with the country’s scientific and research development, given the need for attention to public opinion and benefiting from the participation and contribution of the citizens’ views in the improvement and development of the country’s affairs in different fields.
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